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Subject: interesting evaluation problem

Author: Jon Dart

Date: 07:07:15 12/14/03

A recent game between Arasan and The Baron on ICC led to this position:

[D] 1k3nr1/p2r1p2/1p1PpQ2/2q5/P2R1PP1/5KB1/3R4/8 w - - 0 1

Here, Arasan actually thinks Black is ahead, by over a pawn. The reason
is that it gives a high king safety penalty to White, since White's
king is on the third rank, and since the rook on g8 atacks a pawn
near the king. But in truth, Black does not have an attack.

Black does not get a high king safety penalty because his king is
behind the pawns on the 1st rank, and because no White pieces are
near enough to trigger a "proximity" score.

Also Arasan does not give White a high score for the pawn on d6, because
it is blocked by the Black rook. But the pawn is dangerous.

Crafty gives about a 1/2 pawn advantage to White here, which seems much
more reasonable (Black lost this game). There is no quick win here, but
Black is in trouble.


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