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Subject: Re: Another Crafty question

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 07:59:18 12/22/03

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On December 22, 2003 at 09:27:26, Andrei Fortuna wrote:

>On December 22, 2003 at 08:38:00, Tord Romstad wrote:
>>On December 21, 2003 at 13:12:49, Andrei Fortuna wrote:
>>>(according to xboard specs what I give as 'move e2e4' should be given only as
>>>'e2e4', i.e. without the prefix 'move ', but anyway ...)
>>You might already be aware of this, but:
>>Some engines, including mine, expect the move input to be in the form
>>'usermove e2e4' rather than just 'e2e4'.
>Hi Tord,
>According to specs usermove is a feature in version 2 of the winboard protocol.

Yes, that's true.

>At the present time my plan is to support version 1 of the protocol as allmost
>all the engines should be compatible with it.

I'm not so sure about this.  Mine certainly isn't.  I don't remember the
details, but I am fairly sure 'usermove' is not the only version 2 feature
my engine requires in order to work.

My guess is that most old engines are compatible with protocol version 1,
but that many (most?) new engine developers don't bother to support anything
except version 2.

>I'll try some workaround to make your engine run under my adapter ....

That's not really important.  It is very unlikely that anyone would care,
because my engine is weak and not widely known.  But because my engine
is probably not the only one which will cause problems, I think it
is a good idea to try to support protocol version 2 in your adapter.


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