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Subject: Re: Another Crafty question

Author: Andrei Fortuna

Date: 08:23:07 12/22/03

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On December 22, 2003 at 10:59:18, Tord Romstad wrote:

>On December 22, 2003 at 09:27:26, Andrei Fortuna wrote:
>>On December 22, 2003 at 08:38:00, Tord Romstad wrote:
>>>On December 21, 2003 at 13:12:49, Andrei Fortuna wrote:
>>>>(according to xboard specs what I give as 'move e2e4' should be given only as
>>>>'e2e4', i.e. without the prefix 'move ', but anyway ...)
>>>You might already be aware of this, but:
>>>Some engines, including mine, expect the move input to be in the form
>>>'usermove e2e4' rather than just 'e2e4'.
>>Hi Tord,
>>According to specs usermove is a feature in version 2 of the winboard protocol.
>Yes, that's true.
>>At the present time my plan is to support version 1 of the protocol as allmost
>>all the engines should be compatible with it.
>I'm not so sure about this.  Mine certainly isn't.  I don't remember the
>details, but I am fairly sure 'usermove' is not the only version 2 feature
>my engine requires in order to work.

Well, I made the adapter to send 'usermove ' in front of a move just for a test
and I played a few games against your engine. Except for me beating him on time
all looked ok (the time issue probably is because I use "time" and "otim" to
tell the engine how much time is left on its clock, and those are not used in
version 2, so I guess your engine just ignores that)

>My guess is that most old engines are compatible with protocol version 1,
>but that many (most?) new engine developers don't bother to support anything
>except version 2.
>>I'll try some workaround to make your engine run under my adapter ....
>That's not really important.  It is very unlikely that anyone would care,
>because my engine is weak and not widely known.

The thought is that if I make if work with your engine then there is a fair
chance it will work for other engines.

>But because my engine
>is probably not the only one which will cause problems, I think it
>is a good idea to try to support protocol version 2 in your adapter.

On the long term : definitely a plan !
But I had to start somewhere, and protocol 1 was the logical choice.


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