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Subject: Mixing alpha-beta with PN search

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 03:05:06 01/18/04

I am considering to implement PN search or one of the many related algorithms in
engine, in order to use it as a sort of "oracle" for the main search and eval.
The idea
is to formulate some sort of goal, and call the PN search to determine whether
goal could be achieved or not.  For instance, in an endgame position a static
of the position could show that white would win if he could manage to bring his
king to
g6 without allowing black to sacrifice his knight for white's h pawn, and the
main search
could ask the PN search whether this is possible.

My hope is that ideas like this could be used to implement some sort of crude
planning in the endgame.

Has anybody else experimented with similar ideas?  Is it possible to make it


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