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Subject: Re: Using Chessbase GUI to play in CCT6

Author: Thomas Mayer

Date: 08:55:56 01/23/04

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Hi Vasik,

> Thanks. Arena looks like the best alternative. Winboard doesn't support UCI
> and doesn't have opening book AFAIK.

a) why not implement opening book functionality in your engine ? Like most do ?
b) You can not use Arena 'as is' at CCT6 when playing with an UCI-Engine -
simply you can't play according the rules because you can't kibitz automatically
during the game...

To use engines for games at CCT6 WITH kibitz you might take a look at:

if you have questions about that package you might contact me by mail... with
this setup it is possible to play with your engine automated under CB-GUIs and
most other GUIs which can handle auto232 (using auto232-Adapter to connect to
winboard - you need 2 serial ports and a nullmodem-cable). For kibitzing you
must modify your engine so that it writes some information in a file just before
it moves.

Greets, Thomas

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