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Subject: Rebel @ CCT6

Author: Slater Wold

Date: 20:36:05 02/01/04

I got the privilege to operate Rebel 12, and also Falcon in CCT6.  Rebel 12 was
running on my desktop P4 3.0Ghz, running a version of Rebel that Ed had e-mailed
me just a few days prior.  It also had a new book from Jereon.  Falcon was
running on my P4 2.0Ghz laptop; Omid decided just to use CP 5.3 for the easiest
setup on ICC.  I won't comment on the Falcon games, Omid was there watching
every single one of them, and I paid much more attention to Rebel.  Omid can
comment on his games, if he cares to.

On to the games!

Game 1:  Black against Amateur:  This was probably one of the more exciting
games Rebel played.  Standard book, good play by both in the middle.  On move
30, IM Schroer said "...textbook game, but Rh5 looks misplaced.."  Ironically,
Rebel opted to trade a pawn+rook for a knight a few moves later, that setup a
dangerous passer on h that Amateur would eventually have to give his rook for!
Excellent play by Rebel, and Will kept me laughing almost the entire time!  0-1

Game 2:  White against The Baron:  This game had an interesting opening, and
Rebel was very active with its king.  Rebel put some pressure on blacks king,
and got a couple of passers.  Again, excelleny play by Rebel.  1-0

Game 3:  Black against Yace:  Yace hadn't lost a game yet, and neither had
Rebel.  We went *20* moves in book, and when we came out, Rebel was down a lot
more than I liked.  The score fluctuated from -1 to +1 over the course of about
15 moves.  In the end, Rebel had traded off pieces it needed to sustain at least
a draw.  Yace's passers proved to be more deadly.  1-0

Game 4:  White against Thinker:  Despite a decent opening, Rebel played without
a plan most of the game, and just simply couldn't come up with anything to do.
I, and most, were surprised by this game.  Rebel seemed to get outplayed by an
amateur.  0-1

Game 5:  Black against Bodo:  Rebel outsearched Bodo, and got a pretty textbook
win.  Joel (the author) had fallen asleep, so I didn't get to talk to him much
about the game.  Bodo was kibitz'ing, but after looking at the monitor for
almost 12 hours, its spam confused me.  :)  0-1

End of day 1 with 3 wins, and 2 loses.  Not what most expected from #4 seeded
Rebel.  But hey, just as Will told me early that morning, '..on any given
Sunday..'  Hopefully, we would do better tomorrow.

Game 6:  White against BlackBishop:  Pretty standard opening, and good moves in
the middle by both sides.  The board appeared (to me) to be getting more and
more locked, and I was starting to get nervous about a draw.

[D]1rb5/p5k1/1npq1p2/2N1p3/1P2P1p1/PQ2P1Pp/4B2P/5RK1 w - - 0 36

Qd1 here pretty much breaks open the position, and give white a huge lead.  Good
play by Rebel!  1-0

Game 7:  Black against Ruffian:  Yikes!  Ruffian was doing excellent, and this
was going to be a tough game.  Rebel had a good choice of book play, and did
pretty well in the middle.  It was a pretty tough game, and I won't pretend to
know exactly what happened.  It was pretty evident that Ruffian getting 2M nps
on that G5, outsearched Rebel, and eventually got the best of it.  1-0

Game 8:  White against Arasan:  Tough opening for Arasan, and it didn't take
long for Rebel to pounce all over Arasan's king.  Like Jon said, this was mostly
won by a great book.  1-0

Game 9:  Black against Bringer:  I had played Bringer earlier, with Falcon, and
remembered the game fairly well.  I did not expect what would eventually happen.
 Rebel played a solid opening, and decently in the middle.  White had very
little space, and the position was cramped.  I expected Rebel to simply outplay
Bringer, but as the game went on, it appeared more and more to be drawn.  In the
late endgame, Rebel blundered, and Bringer took Rebel down quickly.  Tough
break.  1-0

Rebel would end the tournament +5 -4 =0.  A disappointing result, for the engine
that had gone a week and almost 100 games on ICC with only 5 loses (and was
seeded 4th in the tournament).  I try to keep in prespective that Rebel is
honestly a new engine, still being ported, tested, and tried in the Windows
environment.  Given the chance it is a very potent chess engine, but still has
problems from time to time.

All things considered, it was a terrific tournament.  Volker and Schroer did an
excellent job, and I cannot thank them enough for their time and effort.

Thanks to all who participated.  Congratulations to Bob.  And good luck in CCT7!

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