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Subject: Re: Olithink @ CCT6

Author: Angrim

Date: 00:42:41 02/02/04

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On February 01, 2004 at 20:55:46, Peter Skinner wrote:
>Last and final round we end up with Bodo. In the following position Olithink
>thought it was ahead +0.28 moving Qc8.
>[D]1K2R1R1/P1P4P/1P3P2/3pQ3/2p5/Bp1p4/p3br2/1r1k1q2 w

could you post the position that you meant to post?  I'm curious how
my engine's tactics do on it, but I'm sure that this wasn't what you
meant to post(I get best move c8=q here)


>White moves Qf6, and score instantly drops to -4.55. It missed the tactical shot
>taken here. Olithink resigns 4 moves later.
>So after two days it finished with 4.0/9.0 and ranked #22. It could have been
>worse, but it also could have been much better.

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