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Subject: Olithink @ CCT6

Author: Peter Skinner

Date: 17:55:46 02/01/04

Well the tournament had it's high and lows. Overall it finished slightly higher
than the 25th seed it was given at 22nd place.

In the first round it faced off against Jonny, and after some poor endgame play

Second round we faced Alarm. Defeated. Plain and simple. Olithink thought it was
ahead in the game, and never saw the attack until it was to late. So far 0-2 and
not looking good.

In the third round we faced SEE. After quite a bit of manuvering, Olithink
finally got it's first full point og the tournament.

After feeling good about the previous round, we found out our opponent was
Dorky, who just the night before was giving us nightmares in games leading up to
the event. After 84 moves, and down a pawn, suddenly Dorky resigns. No excuse
why, but a point is a point. (I would still like to know why)


[D]8/n2r1q2/3p2k1/8/4Q1Pp/5p1P/5B2/4R2K b

Here is where the tournament went haywire for a moment. The original pairings
were messed up and Olithink started his game with Bringer, as the website had
said to. After a good opening, leading +1.45, it was discovered that the pairing
was indeed wrong, and I would now face Tao. So throw out a game that we were
winning and thrust into a game that we had a bad opening, and it just followed
all game. A loss.

So far 3.0/6.0 on the first day. Not bad considering things. And looking forward
to day two.

In the 7th round we faced Chepla. Decent opening, slightly ahead out of book and
basically ground out a win. 4.0/7.0 and thinking luck was on our side.

8th round proved to be a killer. Quark simply out played us from beginning to
end, never really giving us a sniff in the game. Terrific game by Quark.

Last and final round we end up with Bodo. In the following position Olithink
thought it was ahead +0.28 moving Qc8.

[D]1K2R1R1/P1P4P/1P3P2/3pQ3/2p5/Bp1p4/p3br2/1r1k1q2 w

White moves Qf6, and score instantly drops to -4.55. It missed the tactical shot
taken here. Olithink resigns 4 moves later.

So after two days it finished with 4.0/9.0 and ranked #22. It could have been
worse, but it also could have been much better.


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