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Subject: Re: BlackBishop@CCT6

Author: Josť Carlos

Date: 08:27:47 02/02/04

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>Round 9:
>The last game was against Averno. As far as i know, Josť Carlos has rewritten
>his engine from the scratch in the last year. So i didn't know how strong his
>engine is now.
>In the middle of the game, BB has reached a position with some well positioned
>pieces, like the white bishop. It seems this was enough for the final win over

  Hi Andreas, congratulations on a good tournament.
  I haven't rewriten Averno, but I've written a totally new engine (I call it
Anubis) which it 90% different from Averno (different data structures, different
search, different eval...). I wanted to play with it but I didn't have time to
code book, pondering a perform a global debugging, so I used the better tested
Averno. It turned that while writting Anubis a lot of ideas came to my mind and
I made the well known mistake of trying them in Averno. 3 days before CCT6 I had
more than 20 versions and no idea which of them was better. I picked the one my
intuition told me and it seems it didn't play well when forced to defend against
opponent initiative (I lost all the 5 games with black). In my tests, latests
versions were doing fine, I even had beaten Ruffian twice the night before CCT
so I was hopeful. It was shown, as always happens, that private testing always
make the engine look stronger than what real life proves.

  Josť C.

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