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Subject: Re: Test Position = Study by David Przepiorka [Vorwärts, 1910]

Author: Dieter Buerssner

Date: 17:44:11 02/05/04

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On February 05, 2004 at 20:30:58, John Merlino wrote:

>How long did it take Yace to come up with this mate score and on what CPU?
>What's the PV?

It was after some (not very much - perhaps 20 minutes) backwards analysis (the
score should be correct; there are no tricks - just try to remember previous
analysis). Sorry, when I made sounded like Yace would find the mate score by
itself soon. I didn't intend to sound like this. Also thought, it might be clear
by my other previously sent post.

For the PV - see my other post: With a bit of time, I
should be able to get a nicer PV, that shows all the moves until mate.

Without that backward analysis, the PV seems to start exactly the same (but no
mate score fast).

I believe, 1.Rb8 and 1.Rxg8 are winning.


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