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Subject: Re: not using nullmove? [generalized null move]

Author: Russell Reagan

Date: 19:43:19 02/14/04

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On February 14, 2004 at 20:15:58, Bruce Cleaver wrote:

>"Why not use a logarithmic scale based on the difference between the best
>possible move and the move under consideration?"
>Ron Rivest (he is the "R" in the RSA encryption algorithm) wrote a chess
>algorithm called min-max approximation, which computes the first derivative
>(really!!) of the score's change as a means to shape the search.  It has
>somewhat the same flavor as your idea.
>It is really beautiful, but has two flaws:  it is a best-first searcher
>(therefore exponential in memory), and heavily involves floating-point calcs.
>The first objection can be overcome in the standard way, but not the second.

Why can't the use of floating point calculations be overcome?

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