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Subject: Re: gothmog's eval

Author: martin fierz

Date: 05:13:45 02/17/04

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On February 17, 2004 at 07:36:25, Tord Romstad wrote:

>On February 17, 2004 at 04:53:54, martin fierz wrote:
>>hi tord,
>Hello, and thanks for the comments and suggestions!
>>two other things i noticed:
>>-> gothmog 0.4.5 evaluates KRN vs KR as about +4 for KRN. it's usually a draw
>>though... i didn't check, but you should, KRB-KR, KR-KB, KR-KN - all usually
>>draws. this should be easy to fix
>I think you must have confused Gothmog with some of your other sparring
>partners here, or you are using a version much older than 0.4.5.  The score
>in KRNKR endgames should never be more than about +1 pawn (usually less)
>for the stronger side, unless I have some bug.  I tested several different
>KRNKR endgames now just to be sure, and I didn't notice any problems.

i'll have to check again in that case. i'm pretty sure that i have 0.4.5 and i'm
also pretty sure it was gothmog and not frenzee. i'll let you know what i find -
but if you have already fixed that it's not so important  :-)


>The other endgames should also all give drawish scores.  The only exception
>is KRKN, where the stronger side sometimes is given a big plus score if
>the defending king and knight are far apart and the defending king is
>on or near the edge of the board.
>>-> gothmog 0.4.5 is quite happy with pushing pawns in front of it's own king.
>>IMO that is more often bad than good...
>You are right, it is a bit too happy to push pawns in front of the king.
>Sometimes it results in some interesting and attractive games, though.

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