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Subject: Re: MCP8 - Rebel8, SSDF

Author: Harald Faber

Date: 05:06:35 12/08/98

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On December 08, 1998 at 07:41:00, Thom Perry wrote:

>>>>OK, THIS IS A KILLERLINE. Probably taken from an autoplayer game Sandro
>>>>and/or Marty added to the book...
>>>Rebel 8 has such lines against MChess too. In one of my tournaments it played a
>>>french opening against MChess Pro 5 completely out of book up until the point
>>>where MChess saw the mate against itself...

>>As far as I get MCP8 I'll check some other loosing lines too to see if Sandro
>>took them out.
>>And I don't want to see killerlines, no matter of whom.

>Personally, I don't see anything wrong with killerlines.  If you have a good
>program like MCP with the learning enabled, you should only lose one game to >the killerline <g>.

Not really. Depends on where you change the moves and take the next best.
And I can't remember if Rebel8 had a learning fuction.

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