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Subject: One week without Windows ! Help with Scid install !

Author: Aloisio Ponti Lopes

Date: 21:55:13 03/27/04

My Dual Athlon MP 2600+ (2.133 GHz) is running Kurumin Linux (a brazilian
modified version of Knoppix). It is a pleasure to use Linux when it comes to
stability and particularly, Internet browsing is much quicker, and much of the
trouble about e-mail viruses do not affect Linux users. I can use office
software, Mozilla, Opera, KMail, listen to music and see video/DVD as I did with
Windows, but there are at least by now _no_memory_issues and absolutely
_no_crashes_ at all!

It took me 2 days to discover how to configure my new ADSL modem under Linux
correctly, but now it's running ok...(posted in a forum and phoned to the modem

I installed Jose database and playing program (engine= Crafty), nice look, but
did not play much with it to have a complete idea about this interface.

Tried to install SCID but I'm having some trouble installing tk first (didn't
have trouble installing tcl), so I need some help on this topic...

Is Arena available for Linux ?

When will Tiger for Linux be available ?

Can I run Chessbase/ChessAssistant products under Wine or is there another way
to do that ?

There still remains a space inside my HD for Windows 98Se (I like Rebel DOS :-))
and I keep another HD with Windows 2003, but I must say I'm impressed with Linux
 development in the last years... 5 years ago it was a kind of a "geek" system
without good graphical interface... now it is very stable and user friendly. I
remember when going from DOS to Windows 3.11 that I had to learn many things,
and now it isn't different...

A. Ponti

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