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Subject: Re: Artificial Intelligence in Computer Chess

Author: Anthony Cozzie

Date: 19:36:04 03/28/04

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On March 28, 2004 at 21:10:31, Artem Pyatakov wrote:

>>You and Steven E (aka "That symbolic guy") will get along great.
>Hi Anthony,
>Thanks for replying. Out of curiosity (and because I am trying to get a variety
>of opinions and NOT a concensus), do you then pretty much dismiss the work that
>I am suggesting or the kind of work that Steven works as not being very
>productive or likely to generate results? Why do you think elements of what I
>say cannot be incorporated into the general amateur field? (Not trying to sound
>beligirent, but simply asking you to clarify your opinion so I can perhaps
>mention it in my paper).
>For instance, one of the things I am proposing are simple enhancements to the
>history heuristic (see the *DETAILS* post) motivated by AI learning instruments.

I think you and Steven both enjoy thumbing your noses at the "conventional,
hat-trick, alpha-beta seachers".  I am not quite sure why, but whatever floats
your boat . . .


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