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Subject: transition to endgame

Author: Eric Oldre

Date: 15:47:34 04/02/04

Hi everyone,
I've been working on my new chess engine for a few weeks now and am pretty happy
with the progress i've made so far. I'm even going to try entering it into
Olivier Deville's ChessWar tournament next week. I've set the lofty goal for
myself of not taking last place. I give myself a 50/50 shot of reaching it.

I've been playing it against some engines here at home and noticed a trend in
it's play. It seems to do OK in the middle game, but about the time it get down
to having some pawns and 2 minors/rooks it's game starts to fall apart.

At this point t is usually about even or sometimes up in material (not against
any "elite" engines of course, and i don't see any major weaknesses in it's
position, but the opponent either chips away at it's pawns, or gets a promotion.
or just mates it. The point is that i don't see any one specific thing that it
isn't catching.

One thing is that i don't have any special endgame evaluation changes. I plan on
making it so that it starts to value the king in the center instead of behind
it's pawns. but i don't think that alone will make the difference.

So my question is: what suggestions do you have for ways could i improve it's
play during the endgame, or would i call it the "middle-endgame" at that point?

Eric Oldre

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