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Subject: Move ordering at root

Author: Renze Steenhuisen

Date: 05:12:50 04/04/04

Lectori salutem!

I was wondering how others are doing the re-ordering at the root-node after an
iteration has completed? Because there are some different option actually...

I was doing a very simple way of re-ordering, by just ordering them according to
the returned scores in descending order (Best Score First, Worst Score Last).

The first move to be searched is the best move found on the previous level,
sounds logical to me, but what next? I would say that it may pay-off to first
search the moves that were best in earlier iterations, before searching the rest
of the never-found-to-be-best moves. Finally to have the moves ordered by the
returned score.

Is this correct? Can I get some good advice on this point? Thanks!


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