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Subject: Re: Move ordering at root

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 11:10:43 04/04/04

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On April 04, 2004 at 08:12:50, Renze Steenhuisen wrote:

>Lectori salutem!
>I was wondering how others are doing the re-ordering at the root-node after an
>iteration has completed? Because there are some different option actually...
>I was doing a very simple way of re-ordering, by just ordering them according to
>the returned scores in descending order (Best Score First, Worst Score Last).

How do you get a score for any move other than the first move?

>The first move to be searched is the best move found on the previous level,
>sounds logical to me, but what next? I would say that it may pay-off to first
>search the moves that were best in earlier iterations, before searching the rest
>of the never-found-to-be-best moves. Finally to have the moves ordered by the
>returned score.
>Is this correct? Can I get some good advice on this point? Thanks!

I don't see where you can get scores to sort on.  I use node counts for each
sub-tree produced by each root move...

>   Renze

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