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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Will Singleton

Date: 22:58:53 12/13/98

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On December 13, 1998 at 06:15:10, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>On December 12, 1998 at 23:18:15, Will Singleton wrote:
>>>3) A member complains to you that a regular poster compared him unfavorably with
>>>Adolf Eichmann on, and includes with his complaint a
>>>long narrative about how seriously he takes this, since his family suffered at
>>>the hands of the Nazis, and demands that someone like this not be allowed to
>>>continue posting where he can see it, meaning in CCC.
>>Anything said by a poster here containing crazy stuff (eg nazis, etc) gets his
>>post removed and account suspended.  If the same material is posted elsewhere,
>>the account is also suspended.  No room for potshots from afar.
>Note please that I didn't say "here" in this example.  This example is supposed
>to be one in which someone is misbehaving badly elsewhere, and is not
>misbehaving here.

Right, I could have been more clear.  I meant to amplify my opinion that it
doesn't matter where the crazy stuff is posted, in rgcc, here, or in the


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