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Subject: Re: Elephant and pondering

Author: Harald Lüßen

Date: 10:03:37 04/12/04

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On April 11, 2004 at 08:09:13, Olivier Deville wrote:

>On my Win98 computer, Elephant is always ponderint (according to TaskInfo). With
>WinXP it doesn't. I tried 'easy' and it doesn't help.
>Has somebody experienced the same ? Solutions ?

That is strange. I have never seen it. But I only have tried WinXP
and Win2000. I looked at the code for 'easy' and it is

else if ( stricmp( command.c_str(), "easy" ) == 0 )
  // easy
  // Turn off pondering
  engine.set_pondering( Engine::Ponder_off );

The other places with pondering code semm to be right, too.
I think I am only doing pondering when it is allowed with
the command 'hard'. Default is ponder off.

But there are always two threads working: one is collecting the
piped input from winboard. The other is thinking, pondering
or waiting. The main function is an endless loop with a check
for winboard input. May be there is no real wait state
like Sleep( 200 ); or something else in the main thread.
Is this a problem? Does this behaviour fool the taskinfo?

Is there any indication that the next move is better(?)
because of pondering?


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