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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Amir Ban

Date: 00:31:31 12/14/98

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On December 13, 1998 at 18:51:29, Dave Gomboc wrote:

>>3) A member complains to you that a regular poster compared him unfavorably with
>>Adolf Eichmann on, and includes with his complaint a
>>long narrative about how seriously he takes this, since his family suffered at
>>the hands of the Nazis, and demands that someone like this not be allowed to
>>continue posting where he can see it, meaning in CCC.
>This is a tough one for the fellow who wrote you.  The person who is being
>complained about hasn't done anything wrong on CCC.  Moderators can't monitor
>the world: it's important to stick to monitoring the part you're supposed to.
>Namely, CCC posts.

Let's make this more focused: Suppose someone takes a CCC post and makes a bad
reply to it in another newsgroup, or emails the poster with spam or profanity,
then makes a serious and friendly response on CCC. The offended party complains
and shows you why. What do you do ?

This scenario is more realistic than you think.


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