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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Dave Gomboc

Date: 01:08:33 12/14/98

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On December 14, 1998 at 03:31:31, Amir Ban wrote:

>On December 13, 1998 at 18:51:29, Dave Gomboc wrote:
>>>3) A member complains to you that a regular poster compared him unfavorably with
>>>Adolf Eichmann on, and includes with his complaint a
>>>long narrative about how seriously he takes this, since his family suffered at
>>>the hands of the Nazis, and demands that someone like this not be allowed to
>>>continue posting where he can see it, meaning in CCC.
>>This is a tough one for the fellow who wrote you.  The person who is being
>>complained about hasn't done anything wrong on CCC.  Moderators can't monitor
>>the world: it's important to stick to monitoring the part you're supposed to.
>>Namely, CCC posts.
>Let's make this more focused: Suppose someone takes a CCC post and makes a bad
>reply to it in another newsgroup, or emails the poster with spam or profanity,
>then makes a serious and friendly response on CCC. The offended party complains
>and shows you why. What do you do ?

Nothing.  Well, I should be clearer.  With regards to person A's standing on
CCC, nothing.  If person A sends spam or profanity to person B in email, it is
person B's responsibility to contact the ISP (internet service provider) of
person A to have any appropriate action taken.

Newsgroups are different in that because the medium is public, the moderator can
read the post in whatever other forum as well.  If the moderator is
displeased/appalled/whatever, they can choose to contact person A's ISP
themselves, but in this case they are representing themself as a participant of
whatever other forum they are participating in, not as a moderator of the CCC.

None of this prevents the moderator from explaining to person B how to contact
person A's ISP if person B is not aware of how to do so.  I don't view this as
bias towards person B, it is simply user education.  It is person B who has
decided to complain, whether they learn the proper method of doing so from
someone who happens to be a moderator of CCC or from someone else is irrelevant.
 The arbiter of person A's conduct will be person A's ISP, which is a pretty
standard practice.  I will admit that occasionally such a complaint will not
lead to satisfactory results for the complainee, usually because person A is
person A's ISP.

>This scenario is more realistic than you think.

I did not suggest (or think) that the scenario was unrealistic.


Dave Gomboc

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