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Subject: Re: Stormx is this a Crafty Clone??

Author: Sean Empey

Date: 03:33:36 05/25/04

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On May 25, 2004 at 06:14:52, Uri Blass wrote:

>On May 25, 2004 at 05:48:02, Sean Empey wrote:
>>No, it is not a clone of crafty. I will tell you that it does use Dan Corbit's
>>big book and crafty's book code, and the same egtb code that is used in crafty
>>18.15. Other than that not much else is from crafty. Oh some of the Print
>>functions I referenced are from crafty 16.x if memory serves correct. Storm is a
>>SMP engine and uses a completely different algorithm for its search eval. It
>>uses ABDADA.I have offered portions of code to Professor Hyatt but on the terms
>>it not be published or used by him or others. My move generator functions are
>>completely different and I can not go into detail regarding them as some of the
>>code came from a professional programmer (at least the approach) on the
>>condition I not release that code ever. Because a program has similar evals does
>>not make it a clone. If I wanted to clone crafty I would not have been working
>>on Storm for years; actually starting about one year before CCT1. As I have told
>>Professor Hyatt. I am not cloning crafty. We have talked and he is fine. Any
>>other questions someone may have; I'm willing to answer them to the best of my
>>ability. I would appreciate ad hominems and other unnecessary comments not be
>>made as I have stated I'm willing to back-up my claim.
>>Thank you
>>Sean Empey
>So what is the reason that you do not compete with that storm in WBEC(I guess
>that it also can use a single processor)?

I don't have time to compete in tourneys. Chess is a hobby for me; nothing more.
I'm an IT Director and work very long hours plus traveling and such is not
possible most of the time. To tell you the truth I don't follow any of the
tourneys and don't know anything about them other than the CCT tourneys I

Yes. It will run on a single processor but only utilize one thread unless it's
an Intel HT. It detects two processors and set's it to CPU(2). If you do not
pass the number of CPU's you want to use it will detect how many CPU's and use
all of them.

void main( int argc, char **argv ) {
int i;
   char iargv[1024];
SYSTEM_INFO systemInfo;
GetSystemInfo( &systemInfo );
   System.ProcessorCount = systemInfo.dwNumberOfProcessors;
   System.ProcessorToUse = System.ProcessorCount;
   if ( (sLogFile = fopen("storm.log","w")) == NULL )
      Print( 1,"Could not open storm.log. Logging disabled" );
      Print( 1,"Logging enabled" );
for ( i=1;i< argc )
            sscanf( argv[i],"%d",&System.ProcessorToUse );
if ( System.ProcessorToUse < 1 )
            System.ProcessorToUse = 1;
         if ( System.ProcessorToUse > System.ProcessorCount )
            System.ProcessorToUse = System.ProcessorCount;
ShowVersion( );
   PrintEx( 15,"\nUsing %d of %d processors\n",System.ProcessorToUse,
System.ProcessorCount );
Print( 3,"\n" );
Print( 3,"Type \"help\" to display the help file.\n" );
Print( 3,"\n" );
   Initialize( );
   StateMachine( );
exit( 0 );

>I can only see there an old version storm0.6 that is not significantly better
>than tscp.

That's correct. That was my first version which did not utilize multiple CPU's.
I do believe it beat tscp in all CCT's I entered. Check the date of it. You can
see how long ago that version was released. Because I choose not to release the
newer version of Storm has no relevance on it being a crafty clone.

>Note also that when I try look at the page of Storm(following link) I get
>message that I am not authorized to view it
>relevant link:

Sorry, have not had the time to update my website. There are a few dead links,
which I will hopefully have time to work on in the near future.


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