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Subject: Re: Moderator questions


Date: 17:35:05 12/18/98

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On December 18, 1998 at 18:12:23, Don Dailey wrote:

>Not true,  we considered your reinstatement 2 times before, and
>each time we refused based on the fact that we saw you attacking
>the same enemies over and over again on rgcc.

Yes I believe this to be true....but *does* it make it right ??

It seems Computer Chess Programmers *do* believe rgcc posts may be used against
a member and End-users do *not*.  The Computer Chess Programmers are attempting
to Project Power upon End-Users at *any* Usenet station.  This *simply* cannot
be tolerated in the Computer Chess Community.

>A big part of the reason we reinstated you was based on the "evidence"
>that your behavior on rgcc seemed to improve noticably.  Were we wrong
>to consider this evidence or do you think it was not relevant?

Posts on other Usenet groups such as rgcc, ICC or Private email are irrelevant
as they cannot be monitored.  As well what may be said at rgcc which is
acceptable may not be allowable at CCC....

>Another point I will make is that it doesn't really matter what you
>or I think about this.  It will be debated forever.  Whoever the
>new moderators are will have their own opinion and for the next
>6 months those will be the ones that count, whether either of us
>like it or not.


>- Don

In case we do not speak again soon Don,  "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Best regards,

Sean Evans

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