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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 19:56:36 12/18/98

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On December 18, 1998 at 20:35:05, SEAN EVANS wrote:

>On December 18, 1998 at 18:12:23, Don Dailey wrote:
>>Not true,  we considered your reinstatement 2 times before, and
>>each time we refused based on the fact that we saw you attacking
>>the same enemies over and over again on rgcc.
>Yes I believe this to be true....but *does* it make it right ??
>It seems Computer Chess Programmers *do* believe rgcc posts may be used against
>a member and End-users do *not*.  The Computer Chess Programmers are attempting
>to Project Power upon End-Users at *any* Usenet station.  This *simply* cannot
>be tolerated in the Computer Chess Community.

this is pure horse-hockey.  There are *several* "non-programmers" that feel
exactly as I do, and they have posted their feelings about this topic on r.g.c.c
several times.

Forget this "it is the programmers against the end-users."  The "end-users"
that count know this isn't true.  The ones that don't whine endlessly and
try to make it appear to be relevant.

It is *not* about programmers vs non-programmers, it is, instead, about
"contributors" to "non-contributors".  "non contributors are those that post
nothing but nonsense, personal stuff, and chatter.  Without having anything to
say about computer chess.

For example, check *your* own posts.  You spend endless words arguing about what
is and is not acceptable posting here, yet you write *nothing* about computer
chess, which is the _reason_ for CCC.  This is not a forum for determining what
is acceptable or not.  We decided that when we formed CCC.  This _is_ a forum
for discussing computer chess topics, however...

Now if it could only be used for that...

>>A big part of the reason we reinstated you was based on the "evidence"
>>that your behavior on rgcc seemed to improve noticably.  Were we wrong
>>to consider this evidence or do you think it was not relevant?
>Posts on other Usenet groups such as rgcc, ICC or Private email are irrelevant
>as they cannot be monitored.  As well what may be said at rgcc which is
>acceptable may not be allowable at CCC....

they don't need to be "monitored."  and you completely miss the point.  If
all you do is misbehave *over there*, then a moderator would not be doing his
job to use that behavior when making decisions *over here*.

>>Another point I will make is that it doesn't really matter what you
>>or I think about this.  It will be debated forever.  Whoever the
>>new moderators are will have their own opinion and for the next
>>6 months those will be the ones that count, whether either of us
>>like it or not.
>>- Don
>In case we do not speak again soon Don,  "MERRY CHRISTMAS"
>Best regards,
>Sean Evans

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