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Subject: Re: Cute RWBC win (with diagrams

Author: Anthony Cozzie

Date: 05:53:08 05/27/04

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Zappa lost ignominiously to SSEChess in round 1 of RWBC Class D, so it entered
round 2 thirsty for blood.  This position reminds me a bit of the famous
Rubinstein game.  I haven't done any analysis - there may be better moves for
both sides.

[D]3r2k1/1q3pp1/4p3/p6r/1pP2Pn1/1N4Pp/PP1R3P/3RQ1K1 b - - 0 34

At first glance, this looks OK for white, but Zappa drops the hammer with Rd3 -
That file belongs to me!

[D]6k1/1q3pp1/4p3/p6r/1pP2Pn1/1N1r2Pp/PPR4P/3RQ1K1 b - - 0 35


[D]6k1/5pp1/4p3/p6r/1pP1qPn1/1N2r1Pp/PPRQ3P/2R3K1 b - - 0 37

And now I think Black wins with Rxg3, but Zappa played a4 first, corralling the
steed on b3. (Guenther's computer is too slow :)


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