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Subject: What _really_ happened to Scid and Shane Hudson?

Author: George Sobala

Date: 23:23:48 06/04/04

Is he ill? Is he dead? Or is the 2004 version of his website actually a
"hijacking" by someone else, after his "disappearance"!

It seems very odd to me:

- on his "return" in 2004 all the new work seems to have been on website design
and newsletters and not on updating Scid itself (i.e. window-dressing)
- no real update to Scid itself (other than using a different compiler and
different installation process)
- unrealistic promises of the development schedule of Scid given the recent very
slow timescale
- new requests for money via PayPal, people who have sent money for CDs have not
had them honoured
- sudden closure of the public scid forums just as the money flows in and the
CDs don't flow out

It all may have a perfectly innocent (or indeed very sad) explanation, but I
cannot help but smell a rat.

Does anyone know better?

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