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Subject: Re: More information please ...

Author: Karl-Heinz Milaster

Date: 06:30:32 06/06/04

Go up one level in this thread


>a)  What do the German Police say in their letter?
>    A good translation into English would be helpful

The letter contains no more information than that the seller has violate the
copyrigth of ChessBase. You can read the original letter at

>b)  What is the 'relationship' between the 11 Tablebase CDs you bought ...
>    ... and Chessbase offerings.
>    [ I am assuming that the concern is related to Chessbase here. ]
There is no obvious 'relationship' between the 11 Tablebase CDs. The seller
announce the CD's as download files from Internet.

If, and only if, Eugene Nalimov gives ChessBase the exclusive right bring
tablebase cd's to the german market, than the copyright of ChessBase is
violated, because no other Company has the right of a commercial exploitation.


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