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Subject: More information please ...

Author: GuyHaworth

Date: 02:41:03 06/06/04

Go up one level in this thread

A richer context for your question would be informative:

a)  What do the German Police say in their letter?
    A good translation into English would be helpful

b)  What is the 'relationship' between the 11 Tablebase CDs you bought ...
    ... and Chessbase offerings.
    [ I am assuming that the concern is related to Chessbase here. ]

The national and international nuances of the law here are something I should
know more about.  There are, I believe, international initiatives to harmonise
the law on copyright and 'electronic theft'.

Unless Chessbase have 'watermarked' their published version of Eugene's files -
and I don't think the 'header' of the file allows for that - there is no way
afaik to tell whether an 'EN table' has come from Chessbase's CD or been ftp'd
from the web.

Chessbase 'provide value' in that they:

a)  deliver the tables to you and save you download time
b)  provide you with CD-storage, useful if you want to later delete the files
        ok:  it's not as inexpensive as buying your own blank CDs

c)  provide assurance that the EN tables are 'correct'
        well, I would have said this until recently re the 6-man glitch

So, clearly, their _collection_ and _publication_ of tables benefits from
copyright protection, even though the individual tables do not.


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