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Subject: Are nalimov EGTB's a copyright from chessbase?

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 06:03:24 06/07/04

Chessbase has filed a legal complaint at the police for selling
cdroms filled with nalimov databases.

If chessbase complaint is seen as a valid one, then the person in question will
go to jail for asking copycosts for Nalimov EGTBs.

As Nalimov never reacts on his email, perhaps Nalimov can comment whether
persons (so non-programmers) are free to obtain his EGTBs or whether it is
chessbase who has his rights to sell them and only chessbase?

I was under the impression that lately Nalimov claimed copyrights on his source
code to read his egtb's, and that the egtb's themselves were free to copy

a) Is there author rights on every EGTB file now?
b) Is nalimov aware that chessbase files complaints against everyone asking
copycosts for CD's with nalimov format EGTBs on it?

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