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Subject: Q. Aspiration, PVS, Fail-Soft

Author: David B Weller

Date: 05:23:46 07/02/04

Hi all,

This is my first post to this forum [I have been reading it for some time]

Some questions in arbitrary order:

1. should PVS kick in after 1st move, or after PV found as Bruce suggests on his
page? [I *think* tree is smaller Bruce's way]

2. if using fail soft, which is right: pvs(-best-1, best)  or  pvs(-alpha-1,
alpha) ?

3. depending on 2., how do you test for failure, and what bounds to use for
research? best or alpha

4. Fruit uses 'mate distance prunning'  - I read in the archive [now down],
where some suggest using shallower mate score hash entries, and others suggest
boosting the 'draft' of mate scores [which is similar, I suppose]
Are these all different versions of the same thing? - any help?

Thanks for *ALL* your help: past, present, and future;


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