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Subject: Bugs in Genius' autoplayer

Author: Enrique Irazoqui

Date: 06:24:38 01/03/99

There are bugs in the autoplayer of Genius 6. José Bardiñas was right: as
Master, the timeout specified in hours and minutes should be interpreted as
minutes and seconds. That’s why it restarts a new game if the opponent computes
for more than a few seconds. A problem is that the maximum timeout allowed is 9
minutes and 59 seconds, not enough for 40/120 games. As slave, it autoplays as
intended, except when sometimes it decides on its own to become Master, as it
happened last night after playing 2 games against Hiarcs 7. As a consequence, it
only played 2 games and the scores saved by H7 were overwritten by new match.001
and match.002. :(  Overall, a painful bug that will slow down these matches
quite a bit.


PS. Hiarcs 7 wins so far 5-2 and it's a pawn up in the 8th game, so it seems
Hiarcs will lead the tournament again.

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