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Subject: Re: BTW: Chess computers ...

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 09:02:27 08/29/04

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On August 29, 2004 at 11:51:26, Steve B wrote:

>hi Frank
>>you know that I like the good and old chess computers a lot. Have 8 stronger
>>chess computers at home and like it to play with this great computers. Yes, you
>>have right with your words but today we have to go the technical way.
>>Unfortunately, the companys have no interest to develops a stronger chess
>>computer for the market. The most are thinking that only a short group of people
>>will buy newer and stronger chess computers but I believe this is wrong.
>>Interesting is to try to develops a chess computer where we can used all the
>>available WB / UCI engines.
>yes your are correct,it is very wrong to think noone is interested in strong
>dedicated units anymore.
>and the proof:
>Ruud Martin (from Holland)will soon be finished with his project of a new
>dedicated computer in a  Mephisto Modular board
>it will have two programs(Ruffian and Deep Sieng),running at 230 Mhz
>estimated rating ..over 2450 Elo
>i understand there are about 30 advance orders already and the computer will be
>about 1500 Euro
>Ruud will enter the prototype in the upcoming dedicated chess computer
>tournament in Kaufbereun Germany this fall(October 2004)
>you can read more about it here:
>of course it is not the same as employing all Win board engines but it is
>certainly the first dedicated computer to be  released in a very long time with
>a very strong playing ability and only the second dedicated computer to offer
>the option to switch between two seperate programs

Hi Steve,

I have written the messages in the forum by Kurt. I read the forum and have
config Kurt this new Parsimony forum :-)

Yes, I should contact Ruud and try to give him the contacts I have for this
great project. I hope Ruud can realize his idea and his project. It seems that
this is not easy for him and it seems that Ruud need each helps.


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