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Subject: Re: BTW: Chess computers ...

Author: Steve B

Date: 08:51:26 08/29/04

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hi Frank

>you know that I like the good and old chess computers a lot. Have 8 stronger
>chess computers at home and like it to play with this great computers. Yes, you
>have right with your words but today we have to go the technical way.
>Unfortunately, the companys have no interest to develops a stronger chess
>computer for the market. The most are thinking that only a short group of people
>will buy newer and stronger chess computers but I believe this is wrong.
>Interesting is to try to develops a chess computer where we can used all the
>available WB / UCI engines.

yes your are correct,it is very wrong to think noone is interested in strong
dedicated units anymore.
and the proof:
Ruud Martin (from Holland)will soon be finished with his project of a new
dedicated computer in a  Mephisto Modular board
it will have two programs(Ruffian and Deep Sieng),running at 230 Mhz
estimated rating ..over 2450 Elo
i understand there are about 30 advance orders already and the computer will be
about 1500 Euro
Ruud will enter the prototype in the upcoming dedicated chess computer
tournament in Kaufbereun Germany this fall(October 2004)

you can read more about it here:

of course it is not the same as employing all Win board engines but it is
certainly the first dedicated computer to be  released in a very long time with
a very strong playing ability and only the second dedicated computer to offer
the option to switch between two seperate programs


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