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Subject: Re: BTW: Chess computers ...

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 07:57:05 08/29/04

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On August 29, 2004 at 09:56:47, Steve B wrote:

>hi Frank
>>We are in a forum system!
>>We talk and speak about computer chess topics.
>>Great, for much years we are alone or with a short group of friends in our home
>>and play with different chess computers :-)
>yes and this is the best form of computer chess
>the old dedicated computers
>its good that the internet can bring collector's together from all over the
>world,but still the time comes to sit down alone and play the computer.
>there is no program to modify,no controversies can arise,no accusations and no
>regretful remarks received or given
>the good old days
>Best and Highest Regards
>Dein American freund

Hi Steve,

you know that I like the good and old chess computers a lot. Have 8 stronger
chess computers at home and like it to play with this great computers. Yes, you
have right with your words but today we have to go the technical way.
Unfortunately, the companys have no interest to develops a stronger chess
computer for the market. The most are thinking that only a short group of people
will buy newer and stronger chess computers but I believe this is wrong.

Interesting is to try to develops a chess computer where we can used all the
available WB / UCI engines. I have at the moment some contacts and try to find
out companys which have interest on such new projects.  The older companys are a
little bit "out of book" and not fast enough to see newer interest by users. I
believe it's possible to for sell a chess computer for 1.000 Euro more as 2.000x
in the World. This is not enough but the cost must not be 1.000 :-)

Perhaps, if I have more information about it you can help me a little bit. I
need persons which have much knowledge about this topic and a better and more
readable English :-)

Result by myself at the moment:
Novag Star Diamond (ext. = off) vs. Saitek Sparc 20 MHz
1 minute for a move
12.5 : 14.5

After 7.0 : 3.0 :-((


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