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Subject: SEE and pin detection

Author: Dan Honeycutt

Date: 11:03:49 08/30/04

In spite of Dr. Hyatt's admonishment that this was a loser in Crafty, I'm bent
on trying it.  Since I do legal move generation I can do the pins for half price
- I either have or can use the pin data for one side in conjunction with
generating moves.  I just finished the routine.  My NPS dropped by just over 4%
on bench test psitions.  I've just started testing an hope to have some
indication if pin detection is a win, lose or draw in a few days.

One aside - the pin detection is not always more accurate (or mine isn't).  In
the following position for the move Nxg5 the no-pin SEE correctly returns +1
where the pin-detection SEE comes back with -2.

[D] 7k/4q3/8/6p1/4N3/5N2/8/4K3 w - -

Fixing this would require keeping track if the pinning piece enters the
exchange, which I'm afraid would bee too expensive.

Dan H.

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