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Subject: Re: Repetition Detection

Author: Dennis Breuker

Date: 02:12:46 12/02/04

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>This is what I use in TSCPGothic for repetition check:
>/* reps() returns the number of times the current position
>   has been repeated. It compares the current value of hash
>   to previous values. */
>int reps(void)
>   int i;
>   int r = 0;
>   for (i = hply - fifty; i < hply; ++i)
>      if (hist_dat[i].hash == dynhash)
>         ++r;
>   return r;
>Let me know if you can optimize this even more further.

You could do i+=2 instead of ++i, since the repetition only occurs with
the same side to move...


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