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Subject: Re: DGT vs Novag Universal

Author: Michael Ginat

Date: 12:15:49 01/20/99

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On January 20, 1999 at 12:05:53, Rolf Gustafsson wrote:

>On January 20, 1999 at 08:01:31, Sylvain Renard wrote:
>>On January 19, 1999 at 19:49:26, Michael Ginat wrote:
>>>Also, has anyone tested DGT's claim that they have a driver which will support
>>>all windows based programs? Would that include 32 bit versions?
>>  The universal driver works this way: after you have moved a piece on the
>>board, the driver makes the MOUSE move, so it can work with all the programs,
>>but of course it is SLOW, if you compare it with Fritz' driver !
>   Sorry to see that you think the universal driver is (too?) slow.
>There are some things you can do, without changing the code, to make it
>alittle faster.
>One thing is that most programs accepts keyboard input, like e2e4, and
>if so, that might be faster. The mouse moves can either be point and click
>or drag and drop, and point and click seems to be faster.
>Another thing is to play with the SLEEP value in the ini-files.
>The program also checks for a stable position, that is two reads of the
>board must be the same for the move to be accepted. I had this configurable
>in a ini-file variable before and perhaps I should add it again.
>The purpose of the double read is to make it less likely that you
>get the wrong move if you slide your rook from a1 to e1 in a game.
>The program isn't optimised, and I wrote it because I wanted to be able
>to use more programs. It is better than nothing if you're fond of a specific
>You can use the driver together with Fritz and compare, but a driver
>written for a specific program will, if the programmers do a good job,
>be better then a generic driver.
>I haven't done any scientific tests on speed, but I've tried to move pawns
>out as quickly as I can, like a3,a6,b3 etc, in order to see where to moves
>starts to get lost.
>It would be interesting to know what hardware and software you used
>when you tried the driver and found it slow.
>If you've time and want to, you can send the info to me:
>The input may help to improve the driver in future releases.
> Regards,
>  Rolf G.
Thanks guys.
I don't have a problem with a delay of a couple of seconds - if that was
happening I could give myself a couple of minutes extra in a user defined timed
I had another thought - DGT states on their web site that they did not put in
LED's because of tournaments. I wonder why they didn't think of including LED's
with a simple switch to deactivate them when needed! Is that too futuristic of



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