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Subject: Re: the reason why Anaconda canīt draw against Hydra...

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 10:46:51 03/01/05

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more analysis by fruit

  ē  (0.28)   Depth: 16/56   00:13:14  727572kN
1...Nc5 2.Bxc8 Qxc8 3.b4 Nd7 4.Bg5 Rxf3 5.Bxe7 Rf7 6.Bg5 Ndb6 7.Ne4 Nxd5 8.a4
Nde3 9.Qh5
  =  (0.13)   Depth: 16/56   00:18:17  1007312kN

(,  01.03.2005)

Fruit2 again believes that sacrificing the rook is the best move and probably
1...Nc5 is better because after 1...Nf6 white can avoid capture the rook with
advantage for white based both on movei and fruit.


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