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Subject: An statemen from the "Author" of Toga II

Author: Thomas Gaksch

Date: 02:46:31 03/13/05

i want to apologise me for distributing an modified version of fruit with the
name Toga to a few testers. that was absolutely wrong from my side and i have
absolutely a very bad conscience. (sorry for my bad english. i hope you
understand what i want to say.)
i only wanted to know from experienced tester, if this version would be an
improvement or not. it was very unfair from me, that i didnīt mentioned it in
the emails, that it is based on fruit. i have done this because nobody wants to
test a clone version. (i have never seen any test of a clone version yet)
it was not my goal to distribute the program to everywhere whithout maintaining
the license. i only wanted some feedback from testers about the playing
for the unlikely case that somebody else wants to get a copy from toga, i made a
GNU GPL package with all the sources and a readme file. Fabien Letouzy ist
informed about this and has accepted my apology.

i have implemented a few new things (new for fruit but well known algorithm). i
dont know if it increased playing strength but some short tests where promising
(+40 Elo).

Following changes and extensions made:
- fractional plys
- improved history pruning
- push pawn extension
- threat extension
- recapture extension
- improved king safty
- lazy evaluation
- new evaluation features (exchange bonus, pawn advance bonus etc.)

again sorry for my absolutely wrong behavior in the past.



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