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Subject: Re: The YChess case....

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 09:16:14 04/26/05

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The current version is not a DOS program. You are confounding with the freeware
version of 1996
"Probably inferior" is not an enough strong judgement as to say so easily that I
am wrong. Perhaps I am, but you are eve more if you say "of course" as a matter
of fact.
Ktulu case is another ball game. If I was wrong on that, OK, I would be happy to
be. To be frank with you, what shocked me the most about Ktulu coming to market
is the fact that the programmer is so young and in that cases you expect -I
expect- a less commercially inclined mood and more of a sporting one, a desire
to get first a more mature product, a somewhat amateur mentality. But well,
that's my fault: I was not bred in a commercial culture where business is the
religion. My mother bred us, on the contrary, with certain inclination to
despise the greed for money.
"Anything less of excellency must be given, not sold", she said.
Her fault?
Another fault of mine: I got rich anyway...

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