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Subject: Re: The YChess case....

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 07:54:47 04/26/05

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On April 26, 2005 at 00:10:51, Fernando Villegas wrote:

>I am somewhat amazed that to me and to many here, perhaps to all, a program like
>Ychess could have been omited completely of any comment. At least I do not
>remember a simple word about it recently or in the past, althought we expend
>full threads to discuss more or less avarage new engines just because -and it is
>OK we do son, that's the fun- they are new.
>YChess impressed me in its first, freeware incarnation, around year 1996 or
>perhaps 1997. I think I wrote some lines about it in old paper Chess Computer
>Review. I even -those times of crazy youth...- performed some test making use of
>the by then still not too much abused Louguet test. The results, I recall,  were
>After that the programmer, so I knew, was called to serve in the Checoslovaque
>army and nothing less I ever knew of him and YChess.
>Now, to my surprise, It happens that in 2003 Ychess became a commercial criature
>of 24 or so Mb, including 3-4 pieces endings in the engine.
>What impressed me most of Ychess in it first shape was its resourcefulness. It
>played moves I have never seen before in a program and they were full of sense
>and edge. I do not know if those features were kept in the commercial version
>now offered in, but I suppose they were so and probably improved. I
>already downloaded it and I will see how much of the old force is still there. I
>wonder if some chap here prone to do test in a scientically minded way -that is
>not mine- could take a look at it and tell us lot more than my pale, fuzzy
>Perhaps I am totally wrong and just confounding chess acumen with nostalgy of
>those times.

Of course you are totally wrong
Ychess is probably inferior to free stuff and at least I saw no tests that
suggest different information and it lost the only games that were posted here.

I understood also from reading this thread that it is only a dos program and
almost nobody is interested today in dos programs(people cannot test them
automatically and it explains no interest).

Note that what you wrote about ktulu is wrong.

You wrote:
"I wonder how some people dare to make business with merchandise lot inferior to
freeware stuff."

The rating list of cegt that was published later suggests that Ktulu7 is better
than the free programs so I wonder how you got the conclusion that it is a lot
inferior than free stuff.

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