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Subject: The YChess case....

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 21:10:51 04/25/05

I am somewhat amazed that to me and to many here, perhaps to all, a program like
Ychess could have been omited completely of any comment. At least I do not
remember a simple word about it recently or in the past, althought we expend
full threads to discuss more or less avarage new engines just because -and it is
OK we do son, that's the fun- they are new.
YChess impressed me in its first, freeware incarnation, around year 1996 or
perhaps 1997. I think I wrote some lines about it in old paper Chess Computer
Review. I even -those times of crazy youth...- performed some test making use of
the by then still not too much abused Louguet test. The results, I recall,  were
After that the programmer, so I knew, was called to serve in the Checoslovaque
army and nothing less I ever knew of him and YChess.
Now, to my surprise, It happens that in 2003 Ychess became a commercial criature
of 24 or so Mb, including 3-4 pieces endings in the engine.
What impressed me most of Ychess in it first shape was its resourcefulness. It
played moves I have never seen before in a program and they were full of sense
and edge. I do not know if those features were kept in the commercial version
now offered in, but I suppose they were so and probably improved. I
already downloaded it and I will see how much of the old force is still there. I
wonder if some chap here prone to do test in a scientically minded way -that is
not mine- could take a look at it and tell us lot more than my pale, fuzzy
Perhaps I am totally wrong and just confounding chess acumen with nostalgy of
those times.

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