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Subject: when a...

Author: Rafael Peņa

Date: 20:52:56 05/27/05

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when a people does not how make a ches program take the source from other and
make a clon, when you know or at least try to make your own program why clone?
when a people is guessing about a program than would be commercial but now is
free, maybe there are other X reason for the last post, and is not clone

some commentaries:

>Of course there are not so much possibility in which order the movegenerator
>generates the moves, so this means nothing.
(search, depth, nodes, eval?. movegen->

> Only 2 UCI engines played always the same move as Crafty 19.03,
>including Fafis X 0.2 UCI.
(fafis and X,Y?, are you sure?, why just one name?)

>to show his source to an expert like Dann Corbit. Rafael claimed there is no
>Crafty code inside Fafis and promised to show the source before the next free or
>commercial release to Dann.
(see emails)

>Two or three days later Fafis 2.0 was out
(yes and guess what is free)

>see the strings and compared Fafis 2.1 with Crafty 18.01:
>For example:
>fafis.exe has : "Fafis> Error! feature %s rejected by xboard"
>crafty1801n.exe has : "ERROR.  feature %s rejected by xboard".
>fafis.exe has : "Fafis> Error captured a king!!"
>crafty has : "captured a king"
(two strings make a clon....)

>But remember: If an engine 'solves' all positions it is no evidence at all >for a clone!! It's just a little hint to take a closer look on it.
(if not sure why publish the info?)

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