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Subject: Re: when a...

Author: Alex Schmidt

Date: 23:05:22 05/27/05

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Hello Rafael,

>you know or at least try to make your own program why clone?

I don't know.

>(search, depth, nodes, eval?. movegen->

Yes, there are also differences between Crafty and Fafis.

>(fafis and X,Y?, are you sure?, why just one name?)

Because thats the version I made the tests. And yes, I am sure.

>>commercial release to Dann.
>(see emails)

Yes, you wrote him about the published source, but the accuse was because of
other versions, see emails.

>(yes and guess what is free)

ElChinito, Siboney, LaPetite, Voyager... all where free.

>(two strings make a clon....)


>>But remember: If an engine 'solves' all positions it is no evidence at all >for a clone!! It's just a little hint to take a closer look on it.
>(if not sure why publish the info?)

You saw the other things? What about the fen string feature in Fafis?


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