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Subject: Re: About Fafis...

Author: Eric Oldre

Date: 08:45:29 05/28/05

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On May 28, 2005 at 11:22:09, Peter Skinner wrote:

>To say that Fafis is a clone of Crafty is going a bit far.
>I doubt there is _one_ author out there that hasn't at some point looked at the
>Crafty source for ideas. That is just the nature of things. Bob has put many
>good ideas into Crafty and many "borrow" from it, including the professional
>How many ways is there to really code the way to capture a king?
>Fafis and Crafty _could_ use something very similiar for a move generator. It is
>possible. If Rafael looked at the Crafty source, saw the way Bob did things,
>wrote it his own way and produces similiar or equal results then it would be
>I would just be careful to call a program a clone because of a few similiar

I think the FEN string feature is the most convincing of all the evidence Alex
provides. I just don't see how someone writing their own engine from scratch
would duplicate that unless they either.

a) took crafty source in it's entirety, and began modifing it
b) cut and paste the FEN parser from crafty directly.
c) copied the logic of the crafty parser line by line.

That combined with the other evidence provided I believe leaves the burden of
proof on Rafael. I think this evidence is much stronger than the evidence was
with either Toga or Patriot. (at least that which was posted here)

I have not personally downloaded the source yet. But others are indicating it
seems to be purposely obfuscated, and/or does not create the fafis 2.1
executable but a older version. This is another example of suspicious behavior
like the virus.


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