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Subject: Re: The language barrier........

Author: Rolf Tueschen

Date: 08:06:13 05/30/05

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On May 30, 2005 at 09:14:47, Cesar Contreras wrote:

>I frankly don't understand, you seem to seek for justice, but in the other hand
>you make this kind of unfounded accusations about the virus ... come on. are you
>really a computer expert? do you really know how the virus work? or  are you
>just talking about what you are reading on the antitirus sites?
>I can understand your clone hunting, but this it's totally out of context and
>you damage the image of one person... is that what you want to do?

I guess he wants to do that. See for example how he tried to bust me with this
piracy claim. It is true that on CTF I asked some *questions* how to send such
files, but until now I didn't send a single file at all. But he spoke about
piracy. Conkie/diosi changed periodically and accused me of a crime I have
provely not done. I couldn't do it. But if I could solve the techno problem I
will send them to Terry. You know why? Because I could download the tracks but
he has only modem 56. So all I did to help a member of our scene here. I didn't
make a copy of illegal data, I didn't copy my own albums or MC, nothing of the
sort. All I did was downloading the stuff for someone else. Even that might be
illegal and I'm waiting for advice.

The prejudiced convicting of certain programmers here in CCC has the same
logically and judicially wrong background. It's defaming people before proven
guilty. - This is no support for cloning or robbing or cheating or whatelse of

All the best to you,

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