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Subject: Re: The language barrier........

Author: Darrel Briley

Date: 17:10:00 06/01/05

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On June 01, 2005 at 18:26:56, Keith Evans wrote:

>On May 31, 2005 at 14:05:52, Christopher Conkie wrote:
>>Hello Dann,
>>Well I don't want the kind of destructive argument that did take place in that
>>thread and I contacted them.
>>This was what they did to rectify that situation and I respect their decision in
>>We are all trying to collate information rather than get caught up in some angry
>>Someone said they had contacted Symantec and did not provide any supporting
>>evidence. I asked for it and got diddly squat.
>>I don't believe it ever happened and that there is no mail.
>>I could however contact them if you like. I think however that the answer from
>>them will pretty much be what is on their webpage.
>>To embed a script in an exe before compilation would require some
>>transformation. There is no proof anywhere that this nastiness attaches itself
>>to anything. It just does not work like that.
>>I still have a copy of the offending exe and if any programmer would like to
>>take up the challenge, it could be made available to them. I have musterred all
>>my web power to try to provide a sane and logical explanation for this as I
>>personally do not wish that this is true.
>>I would have an explanation (at a very long stretch) if the exe was just named
>>Fafis.exe and did not play chess. But it does, so on all known information it
>>must have been attached. There are no known mechanisms that attach this
>>particular file to something else.
>>Not only that but the file is both compressed and encrypted.
>>Also the script is in a different language. For compilation to succeed it would
>>need to be translated for the compile to be successful. I've tried it.
>>I still hope that there is a reasonable answer out there but like all others
>>await the examination of the code. I hope it is the same code including said
>>nastiness and then maybe we can discover how it is inside there.
>>If you would like me to contact Symantec (or any anti-virus company) to get a
>>definative answer I can. Any responses I can publish for the benefit of those
>>who did use the file.
>>I just can't see an explanation anywhere. I would like to be wrong but......
>>Shall I send them a mail? I'm sure that they will reply. They might be able to
>>examine it for themselves and explain how. What do you think?
>How would a programmer go about attaching this particular worm to an exe?
>(Please no step by step instructions.) I mean is this an obvious thing, or a
>whole tedious procedure to be worked out?
>If it's not so obvious how to do this, then ... ?

There are programs (called "binders") freely available on the net that will
allow anyone, with no computer or programming knowledge whatsoever, to attach a
virus/worm/trojan horse/keylogger etc. etc. to an .exe, or to many other types
of files.  I'm not saying that this was done here, just answering the question

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