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Subject: Re: The language barrier........

Author: Peter Skinner

Date: 20:54:05 06/01/05

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On June 01, 2005 at 20:10:00, Darrel Briley wrote:

>There are programs (called "binders") freely available on the net that will
>allow anyone, with no computer or programming knowledge whatsoever, to attach a
>virus/worm/trojan horse/keylogger etc. etc. to an .exe, or to many other types
>of files.  I'm not saying that this was done here, just answering the question

Yes, this is another way it can be done. In fact this is how 99% of spyware is
included in program installer files. Only 1% of spyware/adware is included for
"advertising revenue". This was published in one of the "Micheal's Minute"
newletters that I subscribe to.

There are _many_ ways for this worm to have been put in that exe without
Rafael's knowledge.

Certain people are just not informed and are making asses of themselves.


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