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Subject: Re: POSIX threads

Author: Lance Perkins

Date: 10:53:12 07/06/05

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If your single-cpu is enough for all your testing as you claim, then good luck
to you.

I'm done here. We write more complex code than 10 lines of LISP.

On July 06, 2005 at 03:52:40, Steven Edwards wrote:

>On July 05, 2005 at 21:39:48, Lance Perkins wrote:
>>You missed the point here. I never claimed that a shared resource is a single
>>memroy. Read again. Even on a single CPU you would need locks, mutexes,
>>semaphores, events, mailboxes, etc to synchronize. But to say that all you need
>>is a single-cpu to "test" your multi-threaded app is too naive of a statement.
>If every shared resource is properly guarded by a mutex, then there will not be
>thread faults due to race conditions.  This is true as true on a single CPU box
>as it is on a 64 CPU box.
>The only time a dual CPU box will encounter race where a single CPU box won't is
>when both CPUs hit the same memory address at the same time.  But this can't
>happen if the memory address is part of a shared resource properly guarded by a
>mutex.  All other possible thread faults can be tested on a single CPU machine,
>although they might be fould faster on a multi CPU machine.

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